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Kraken - the only regulated spot & futures crypto exchange with over $85bn in trading volume in 2018 alone

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US$13,159,831 / US$15,450,000
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Investors 2133
Minimum investment goal US$6,200,000
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The goal has been raised from $10.2m due to popular demand


  • One of the leading and oldest (founded in 2011) global fiat exchanges

  • Headquartered in San Francisco with approximately 800 employees

  • Ranked Top 5 in legitimate volume, with over 4M clients (in nearly 200 countries)

  • $85B in 2018 trade volume with a 387% CAGR

  • Consistently ranked as #1 in security


  • Trading in 24 crypto assets & 74 trading pairs (with plans to add more)

  • Funding in 5 fiat currencies (e.g., USD, EUR, CAD, JPY, GBP)

  • 7 (and counting) established bank & payments partners

  • Up to 5x margin & 50x futures trading

  • API's for trading & market data

  • Established banking partners, client on-boarding infrastructure & AML/KYC policies capture significant upside from institutional adoption

Top Acquisitions

  • CryptoWatch (US-based) -- leading market data & multi-exchange trading platform

  • Crypto Facilities (London-based) -- leading platform for derivatives & futures trading, along with the top crypto indices business that includes the reference rate for the CME Group’s BTC futures contract

Financial Position

  • Strong operating margin & balance sheet -- new products/services & additional strategic acquisitions

  • Volume is driven by volatility -- revenue opportunity in both increasing & declining markets

  • Easy expansion -- this leading execution platform can readily add additional financial services & products for the blockchain & crypto space